Thursday, June 12, 2008

Do I always think worst case... maybe

I received a call today. It turns out that doctors have found a tumor in one of my relatives colon. My parent's favorite way to call me and leave a message is... "We are having a family emergency, call me back ASAP." Which usually means that someone is dead or almost there. They will not know about my relative sometime this weekend or next week if it is cancer. Let's just hope that things are going to be OK. Maybe I might pull out my Rosary.

My first instinct is to look up everything I can find about the type cancer/ tumors. Does this make me feel any better? No it does not, in fact it just makes me obsess about it more. Why do I do this? Probably because I would rather be prepared for the worst. Maybe it is a bad way to look at life... but hey things can just get better.

Stay classy bloggers!

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