Saturday, June 14, 2008

Running... haven't been doing much there

I am supposed to be running a marathon/ half marathon in the fall. My motivation just has not been there. Lets just start with the fact that it is already warm and humid in the morning here and it is hard to even breath due to that. I would rather be running in snow and ice at home in mid Feb than run here in the summer.

So I need something to get me motivated. Anything... really. I have a training plan and it starts in July, but I just need to have a good base down. Here are the training plans I'm looking at. These are just some basis of what I am going to do, but I'll personalize them.

Hal Higdon Intermediate Half Marathon - This is basically if I'm doing the half, it would be more of a race for me.
Runner's World - Not my favorite plan, but has some work outs I would like to incorporate into my training.

I like going for distances rather than times, so I don't really like Jeff Galloway's plans. Both Hal Higdon and Runner's World have some good plans for the marathon, but I think I might be in between beginner and intermediate there.

USATF has a great running mapping route finder. It uses google maps to find distances. I use it almost everytime I'm finding a new route.

I just need to find some inner motivation or just hire a coach who will yell at me....

Stay classy bloggers!!!

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